Sunday, March 30, 2008

George Dubec

George Dubec is a very nice guy and he can be your online marketing consultant. He knows a lot of stuff and can help you if needed. He concentrates on web design and web marketing. Can do for you a website analysis and he’ll let you know which your strong and weak points are. He is able to provide you with online marketing plans if your site is not properly optimized or does not bring you as much revenue as you would like. He can increase your website traffic rankings, because he is also search engine marketing consultant.
So, in a few words, if you have a new website and you are worried because it is not as it should be, George is the man you can talk to!
Way to go George, we appreciate that you know to do something good, don’t waste this opportunity working for others – but started you own business. You have 3 points from us!


Is a very well built website, which is permanently updated and maintained hot. What’s all about? They provide free stock quotes and charts for equities, mutual funds, and commodities. They have some investment tools necessary to make better investment choices. All the tools on this website are free to use – which is great and they have 1 point for that! Also on you can find the latest news regarding the information you are interested in, like Mutual Funds - YTD Change Leaders, stock charts, price and percentage change, news on the stock market, mutual funds and commodities. What more could you possibly want? Another point here J
I know that I have said once, but the fact they offer free trading kits among other free trading tools is just great, so I’ll give them an extra point – which makes 3 in total!
Practically, if you are passionate about stock market and investments, you will find all you possibly need here.
Keep up the good work guys!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fashion Scrubs

I thought to begin with something “girly” – like fashion. I’ve found something interesting on the net, that you don’t encounter everyday - . My attention was drawn to it, ‘cause let’s be honest : how often do you find fashion related to nursing uniforms ? :) Still, this site apparently thought about this. One point here from me – for the originality!
You can find on here : lab coats, nursing scrubs, nursing uniforms – all kinds of healthcare uniforms. I was especially impressed by the large scale of colors they use for the uniforms – they are not just white or blue as you might think – but also red, pink, yellow or combination of models and colors that catch your eye. Also they have many models of nursing uniforms, some for men some for women. Anyway another point for not seeing life just in white and blue, but for bringing some color to the “gray” healthcare uniforms.
Also the menu is easy to use, it takes you directly to what you are looking for. They didn’t forget about “terms / policies and return policy” so another point from user’s experience.
So in few words – a friendly website that brings something new, easy and simple to navigate, what else could you possibly want? :)
I note it with 3 points from 3!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Instead of introduction…

I’ve always been somehow critical and eager to judge others… so the idea of doing this permanently, to comment what others are doing, seemed a very good one. I decided to take a look at different websites and let you know what is my opinion about them. I want to mention right from the beginning that these will be my personal opinions – from an amateur’s point of view, because I know nothing about software or how websites are made. I will place my opinion on how they look like, what information they offer, if you can find easy what you are looking for etc.
So, let’s proceed! :)